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Here at My Encino Dental , maintaining your long-term oral health is our top priority. Every dental checkup and cleaning performed at our clinic is designed to examine and address all the aspects of maintaining a good oral health.

As your hygienist is cleaning and polishing your teeth, they will also monitor the overall health of your teeth. Should they notice an area of concern, they will pass that information on to Dr. Behzad Abadi.

A cavity will likely require another appointment to repair the tooth. If Dr. Behzad Abadi notices an area of weakened tooth enamel without salient tooth decay, he might recommend a fluoride treatment.

To do this, your dentist will pour a dental-grade concentrated fluoride gel into a special tray that is inserted into your mouth and held there for a few minutes. You will need to avoid eating and drinking for up to an hour to maximize the fluoride saturation in your tooth enamel.

Going forward, it would be beneficial to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Limiting your consumption of acidic foods and drinks can be very beneficial for maintaining strong tooth enamel.

If you live in the Encino, California, area and you are concerned about the health of your teeth, you should call 818-990-5900 to schedule a dental checkup with a fluoride treatment at My Encino Dental .